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It’s That Time of Year Again! The 114th Annual Little Pictures Show & Sale at the Providence Art Club


“The Little Pictures Show will take place throughout the Art Club’s three historic gallery spaces located on Providence’s charming College Hill steps from the First Baptist Church in America. Over 100 artists, all members of the Providence Art Club, will take part. Works on view will include paintings, drawings, photographs, collages, hand-pulled prints, hand made artist books, along with sculpture, ceramics, glass, and jewelry. All works are sized at 16” x 16” or less and priced at no more than $300. With such a breadth and diversity of styles and media present, there is truly something for everyone. “

Opening Reception on Sunday, November 11, 2018;  gallery hours 12pm – 5pm.  Support the arts in Providence!

Jewelry Collection

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Dark Shadows!

From the Drawing Room Archives

See the Pen
Dark Shadows
by Lori Labrie (@llabrie)
on CodePen.

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Making Her Mark

” A Celebration of the Providence Art Club as a cultural force for women artists.”

First Impressions

After having viewed the exhibition of Making Her Mark at the Providence Art Club in Providence, Rhode Island, and attending the symposium, I felt compelled to write some of the immediate impressions I felt in regard to this event.

As an exhibiting artist member of the Providence Art Club, I have never thought much about the cultural aspect of my being a “woman” artist in the club, as I had when starting my studies in art over thirty years ago and reading The Obstacle Race by Germaine Greer. It appeared to me that there were many woman artists in the club so I didn’t feel like I do in technology, clearly a minority. What has crossed my mind in regard to a club membership of any kind was more about the cultural diversity of race and social class even though I had learned early on that Edward Bannister was one of the original founders of the Providence Art Club and had a gallery named after him at Rhode Island College in 1978. You can visit wikipedia to learn more about Edward Bannister (ca. 1828 – January 9, 1901) who was a Black Canadian-American Tonalist painter.

But in regard to the history of the Providence Art Club and the “extraordinary contributions of women artists”, it wasn’t until I walked through the exhibit and viewed the paintings of the founding woman of the club along with the text accompanying the work, was I struck by my affinity toward these pioneers. I started to feel an indescribable elation to see such a passion and commitment to art and the artistic community. Their journey was clearly outlined by Co-Curators Catherine Little Bert and Nancy Whipple Grinnell.

During the symposium, I learned more about the leadership and transformation by women artists who founded the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence Art Club and Wheeler School.  While listening to a panel discussion of collectors one particular story stood out for me in regard to Ellen Day Hale, who’s work was found at an estate sale.  Had it not been for this happenstance, these remaining works of art could easily have been lost in obscurity.

Making Your Mark

Following the exhibit of these amazing women artists of their time, was a national juried exhibit titled Making Your Mark. This show was juried by Kathryn Wat, PdD, Chief Curator of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.  Over 950 artworks were submitted for consideration and 65 were selected by the juror, five of whom were Providence Art Club members.  I was truly honored and at the same time humbled to be part of this tribute to women who continue to make their mark regardless of the obstacles.

Georgia    graphite on paper     Making Your Mark National Juried Exhibition 2017   x

Lori Labrie



As a freelance designer it is important for me to continue to strengthen the skills I have developed over the past 20 years. My first website  I created was a general portfolio of work highlighting the work I have done in Jewelry & Giftware, Painting & Illustration.

The jewelry I create whether it is for a company, individual client or gallery continues to give me great joy!



Code Technology Training

Code newbie

Journey to Code header copy
The start…

We all have to start somewhere. My journey to code began when I found myself freelancing again after 20 years working as a fulltime designer for a manufacturer of giftware and jewelry. No matter how much I knew I was a victim of burn out and needed a change the uncertainty left me with an even greater feeling of “ubiquitous nervousness” to quote a zen master.

The first book I read regarding code was HTML&CSS by Jon Duckett. I never expected to enjoy this book as much as I have, and still holds up as great reference material. It’s really beautifully laid out and easy to read.  I have practiced with many online tutorials and worked with templates using Dreamweaver and Bootstrap and most recently became a participant in Tech Force RI.  I soon went onto receive certification in HTML5 and CSS3  New and Advanced Features.  I joined meet-ups to become part of the community of coders and from there joined FreeCodeCamp.

Part of the challenge in studying Front-End Web Development in FreeCodeCamp is to create projects which I write and design using the CodePen text editor.  So far I have created a tribute page to Chogyäm Trungpa, a portfolio site with thumbnail placeholder images, and a random quote machine. I hope to develop a strong portfolio of work during my current study of JavaScript. Patience is everything!