Web Development

From the time one discovers the basics of code with beginner games like Rock Paper Scissors, it becomes clear that learning is for life.

Having worked with various 3D software from auto cad, jewel cad, rhino and Blender(for fun with animation!), I learned the infinite possibilities that go far beyond my skillset as a jewelry designer. I have journeyed through many books, continuing education certifications, online courses from codecademy.com to udemy.com. The one I have stuck to throughout my journey has been freeCodeCamp.


Along the way I discovered the value of Marketing! At one time I considered it a nasty word, until I realized how integral it is to design, technology, art and business. I began with a certification in Digital Media Strategy from Bryant University which was essential to diving into the vast scope of this field. An understanding of all the tools of the trade from social media, Email campaigns on Constant Contact, MailChimp, content managed systems to scouring the web for information from Mashable to TechCrunch is essential to growth in selling your product and becoming a web developer. Data gets bigger and bigger and technology moves along so quickly in the world today that it still can make one feel less like a human and more like a dinosaur. The idea is to roll with it just the same and enjoy the journey of learning! The link below shows some fun I had after reading Donald Miller’s book Story Brand. The book was lent to me at my job as a marketing assistant for a small private lending firm. I decided to take it to another level as a challenge to code.

Story Brand By Donald Miller

My freelance and creative consultant services include:

  • Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Marketing, Vector Art
  • HTML5, CSS animation, JavaScript and jQuery for game art, stickers, web design and content management

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