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The start…

We all have to start somewhere. My journey to code began when I found myself freelancing again after 20 years working as a fulltime designer for a manufacturer of giftware and jewelry. No matter how much I knew I was a victim of burn out and needed a change the uncertainty left me with an even greater feeling of “ubiquitous nervousness” to quote a zen master.

The first book I read regarding code was HTML&CSS by Jon Duckett. I never expected to enjoy this book as much as I have, and still holds up as great reference material. It’s really beautifully laid out and easy to read.  I have practiced with many online tutorials and worked with templates using Dreamweaver and Bootstrap and most recently became a participant in Tech Force RI.  I soon went onto receive certification in HTML5 and CSS3  New and Advanced Features.  I joined meet-ups to become part of the community of coders and from there joined FreeCodeCamp.

Part of the challenge in studying Front-End Web Development in FreeCodeCamp is to create projects which I write and design using the CodePen text editor.  So far I have created a tribute page to Chogyäm Trungpa, a portfolio site with thumbnail placeholder images, and a random quote machine. I hope to develop a strong portfolio of work during my current study of JavaScript. Patience is everything!