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Back to freeCodeCamp

It’s been two years since I finished the front end web development certification from freeCodeCamp, and recently took a look at what’s happening in the curriculum.  There is so much more to access for free on this massive open online course (MOOC /mk/).  I was immediately hooked and started submitting my solutions to challenges in new updates in CSS (Flexbox, Grid, Web Design Projects) and Javascript (ES6, Debugging, Basic Data Structures, Functional Programing).

Back in my 2016 blog post for web development, I mentioned data visualization courses coming soon such as React and SASS which are now available along with React and Redux.  There are certifications in Apis and Microservices, Information Security and Quality Assurance.  Also, visit the news page which offers numerous tutorials from Intro to Game Development in Javascript to Maths for Programmers.  AND IT’S ALL FREE!

There is so much more to say but for now checkout freecodecamp today while they are  “launching the 2018 New Coder Survey - an anonymous survey of thousands of people who started coding less than 5 years ago. You can take the survey here”.

Happy Coding!

See the Pen Gust of Wind Animate by Lori Labrie (@llabrie) on CodePen.

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